Jyden Workwear
PHONE +45 98 18 12 77

Did you know...

that Jyden Workwear celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2013?
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that the majority of our collections are certified by EU Flower or Oeko-Tex?
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that Jyden Workwear clothing is tested and suitable for industrial washing?
that you can now check out our new Sale Catalogue 2015?
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that with
JW Combination
you can design your own model?
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Jyden Workwear A/S
Skelagervej 379 B
DK-9000 Aalborg
Phone: +45 98 18 12 77
Fax: +45 98 18 28 23
E-mail: info@jyden-workwear.com

Business hours
Monday - Thursday: 7.30 am - 15.30 pm
Friday: 7.30 am - 15.00 pm

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